Royal  Penthouse

Conrad Crown & Maxim Crown
Présidents et propriétaires du Royal Penthouse 
et organisateurs pour IMPERVIA – A Sexual Awakening                             
Photo:  Jo Gorsky :
Eve Crown, chef coordinatrice des opérations du Royal Penthouse pour IMPERVIA
Photographe mobile pour la soirée:  Andrei Kalamkarov
Kirk Blue & Francesca Pednault
Présidents et propriétaires de l’Espace Griffintown pour IMPERVIA
Isabeau et Sébastien
Présidents et propriétaires de et ambassadeur pour IMPERVIA
Les party mensuels au Royal Penthouse:
Trinity Nights, soirée BDSM le 1er samedi du mois et 

Amore Nights, soirée d’exploration sexuelle le 3e samedi du mois

Times are a changin’ and the Royal Penthouse is here to introduce you to A SEXUAL AWAKENING for all. We have gathered under one 8500 square foot roof, an array of talented artists and open minded people that will put together a night to remember for so many reasons. This Imperial Thai experience will transport your frame of mind into an another world that resembles us all. This poly sensory trip will blow away your 5 senses and even more. We aim to broaden your sexual horizons in a sane & secure fashion with a taste of it all. Our playground will hold many attractions with a map to find it all! ?

? NO FULL NUDITY WILL BE TOLERATED, NOR WILL THERE BE ANY EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY because this event is intended to open your minds to new sensations and new opportunities that you will be able to savor and practice at home or during a full on ‘Royal Penthouse’ private monthly event. This event is for the playful at heart that want to learn & explore their own limits ?


• Gabriel Detry & Joseph A. Ruel are professional massage therapists that will perform a multitude of massage techniques to sooth your muscles and ease your body & spirit into the mood of the night.


• Darren Papasidero will be using your beautiful bodies as his canvas to color your skin with the Imperial tones of Thailand with many emblems to cover you so you can be fashionably naked!


• You’ll be able to check in your shoes at the entrance of the CHILL ZONE in order for you to plunge into a sea of comfort filled with couches, pillows & carpet wall to wall so you can indulge in your surroundings


• An elaborate & huge play area will be installed for all the fetish enthusiasts and the ALCCVA will be monitoring as well as informing & playing with you by showing you the safe way to travel into the immense ‘foreplay’ world of BDSM!

• A spanking booth will be set up all night where you can spank someone for 1$ a strike. All of the proceeds will go to support the ALCCVA to keep the flow of kinky information coming.


• Jo Gorsky will command the specially designed Thai photobooth to capture your energy in an instant.

• Andrei Kalamkarov will be roaming around all rooms for those desiring more magic memories of the night!


• Our rules are simple, we aim to please & accept you for who you are and not for what you wear. The colors of Thailand will be definitely the colors of choice in all of it’s silky shapes. For the kinkier at heart, latex, leather, PVC, rope & fetish wear will be greatly accepted & appreciated 😉


• Party Ambassadors are there to guide you around the Royal playground and answer your questions and curiosities!



• DJ Davidé :: 10pm to 12am
:: dirty dub
• DJ Greg Pidc**k :: 12am to 2am
:: kinky minimal
• DJ Monocongo :: 2am to 4am
:: elevating trance

:: Each DJ will bring exclusive mixes that will tickle your brain waves ::


• VJ BXL from 10pm to 4am

:: Our master of imagery will be composing with all of our sexual & fetish natures and fresh material to give you that exotic eye candy ::


• Natacha Nebula will blow your mind with a thai fuzion dance.

• Christina Lacombe & Mary Lin will heat your eyes with a blazing fire show

• Maiko Starr & Ross will be rubbing their thighs hard in an erotic pole dancing duo

• Sushi buffets will be rolled into the crowd with a fresh feast for him & her

• Bondage & Shibari suspensions will be hovering over your heads by Dunter

• Ze’ev Evgeni from Pleasure Training will demonstrate Hypnotic Orgasms and many more delights of the mind

? FOOD ?

• Platters of savory food will be served all night in the crowd & placed into a grand buffet


• In the Barefoot Fetish Lounge, we’ll have a pool of grapes to squish with your sweet bare feet and for the true sole lovers, this crushing session will be followed by a wine taste!

• Trance Plants will set up a tasteful menu of drinks & smoothies from energy to aphrodisiac, these natural delights will tune & comfort your body to last the extra hours. This is your healthy choice to party!

• Full bar service offered till 3am.

• 100 gifts bags will be handed out to the first 100 to arrive with all sorts of valuable goodies and freebies from our sponsors!


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